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Welcome graphic

hi there furs, weres, humans, etc. Wellcome to my homepage (wee, finally i was able to create it ^^)
For those who doesn't know me, let me pressent myself:
I am Lomstat Wolf Vexant
Real Name: Jesus Salvador Ruelas Medina
Height: 1.83 more or less
Birthday: March 29th , 1985
Nacionality: Mexican "thanks goddess!!!!"
heh i am not a verry old drawer, in fact i started to draw on April 2001 so i am still changeing and getting better any day ^^. My first character was a human named Lombard and i started to draw comics right away "thanks to my teacher friend wakaru" ^^
i drawed my first character, Lomstat Wolf, in lombardīs comic, "sidia quest" and i started to get inside the furfandom by mistake, thanks to a comic named Furfire.
Hobbies: DRAW (heh that was a little exagerated),  videogames, and hear to music (videogameīs music basically)
Favorite artists: Chalosan, Silverfox, Zina cat
DislikesWar, smokeing, hate-mails, people that makes my friends fell bad
Civil state: i am working on it --Ą
what i draw: Bacically humans, canines and felines, but i am working in getting better ^^
erm...what in hell you are? oopsy, hehe i am a flof (fox-wolf hybrid ^^)

By the way, all images here are in scale, but if you want to see them in big sise just download them in your computer and you'll see them in their real scale
Dont worry, all images here where scanned by McAffee so they are virus free images.

Down here I introduce my Characters
I hope you like them ^^

This is Lomstat Wolf
hi there ^^
Furry artist and soulless companion

Lombard Aries
Wait a sec, that is Yan-tsen, Lombard´s evil clone Oo


Please, let me know you where here, send me a mail or something, i always like to know new furs and people ^^